About us

We believe it is important to know who will be your photographer.

We are a family couple living in Prague.

My name is Vladimir. I came to photography from videography. I worked as a painter and interior designer in the past. Ten years ago I took a camera in my hands and it became my second profession since then.

I am Svetlana. I have been interested in photography for many years. I bought my first Canon camera and a 50 mm fix objective in 2012. This set became my companion on every occasion to photo shoot. I also enjoy photo editing. Within all these years I have spent thousands of hours learning photo editing and retouching my photos.

What is our style?

We are positive  and easy going people. This is what we want a photosession be like – positive, fun and full of emotions.

We like natural photos taken in natural light. We like natural colors and so we do not over retouch photos. We love reportage because this is when the most sincere emotions can be captured. We are very unlikely to make you pose. You will be moving a lot and laughing. If you are to pose we will do it as natural as possible. And above all we will do our best so that you enjoy your day and your photographic experience.

Vladimir and Svetlana